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Project Details
Mako Ueda
Yuta Toga

Concept/3D Texturing/3D Modeling:
Mako Ueda

Programming/Filming/Video Editing:
Yuta Toga
Projector, Fan, Kinect, Dimmer
Project Description

What the Japanese have seen for many years. It is a fleeting experience to feel how the beauty that surrounds us will disappear in a blink of an eye. All of the experience is probably planted in the idea that “things will turn now” in Japan. After Buddhism, the idea of the Japanese was further strengthened.
“Mono Aware” is a view of life and death of a kind. To pursue the “moment of beauty”, and spare no “eternal tranquility”. That pursue a moment of brilliance of life is a hallmark of the “things of Aware.”
Think about life (people’s actions) and death (cherry blossom falling) to represent the process at the same time;
to represent the “beauty” feel “the Mono Aware.”
Between Death and Life (the moment when the petals are falling and reach the ground) to express the beauty of the moment.

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