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Project Details
Yuta Toga
2011 - Screen version
2014 - Installation version
- Screen versioin -
Display, Mouse

- Installation version -
2 x Projectors. Overlapping projections
Java Script
Project Description

In this work I try to show and compare the time between analog clocks and digital clocks.
Digital clocks show really accurate time but they do not give the time in seconds.
When comparing “analog time” with “digital time” it looks like nothing is happening; or that time does not exist between individual seconds. This causes a false illusion: the viewer does not see the transition from second to second. As a consequence, one could imagine that there is a time gap or potential time absence or disintegration.
In my work I want to create a type of animated digital clock that “wants to be” like an analogue clock. No matter how hard this digital clock is calculating time in an accurate way, it is far from providing the clarity of time transition that analogue clocks can provide.
This work is dedicated to all those digital clocks out there in the world that are trying really hard to emulate the properties of analogue clocks.

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