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Project Details
Yuta Toga
Tablet computer
Project Description

When we move something, we normally do so with our hands. This is an innate reaction, potentially encoded in our DNA.
I would like to challenge this “natural algorithm” and provide an opportunity for people to move things in a different way.
By using “Sound Pong”, participants are invited to use other body organs for moving items; namely they must move the pong by producing sound:
They will need to make many different kinds of sounds for moving the pong, and that is how they can function in a Sound Pong world.
When the player finishes they can replay a demo of their session. This demo can illustrate how Sound Pong differs from the way we normally interact with objects in the physical world. In the physical world our senses are programmed by nature to respond to input – Sound Pong exists in a pixel-based world, and although our bodies are not programmed to respond to this world, we can quickly learn to successfully normalize and navigate it.

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